Web Conferencing, Event Management, and Marketing Support All In One Platform

Welcome to VegMeetings, a service provided by the Plant-Based Network!  VegMeetings is an "all-in-one" secure web conferencing service for businesses, organizations and individuals who want to connect online for webinars, meetings, presentations, interviews, summits, classes and more, while also supporting the plant-based movement.


VegMeetings is truly unique because it combines web conferencing, event management, learning solutions, digital marketing services and advertising opportunities all in one platform.  We can help you with EVERYTHING including planning, building, launching, marketing and selling your event whether it's online or in-person.

We are more than just a digital service like Zoom or Meetup.  We are a skilled and experienced team of people passionate about the plant-based lifestyle who you can talk to and work with, who also have the latest web conferencing and event management technology.  We are:

  • PLANT-CENTRIC - We are focused on supporting individuals, businesses and organizations that are helping to grow the plant-based movement.  100% of our revenue goes to supporting plant-based lifestyle advocacy efforts including the development and distribution of plant-based TV shows, magazine articles, podcasts and more through the Plant-Based Network.
  • SECURE - We give you the power to lock down your video conferences, ensuring only invited parties can participate, and encrypting all your data end-to-end.
  • HASSLE-FREE - We are 100% web-based, mobile-friendly, and require no downloads.
  • HIGH QUALITY - We are powered by WebRTC for the highest quality streaming real time video available today.
  • POWERFUL - We have more than just your standard video conferencing features.  We also provide breakout rooms, file sharing, customizable registration forms, integrated email invite system, and branding capabilities.
  • AFFORDABLE - We have an affordable, scalable pricing model that lets the product grow with your business’ enterprise meeting software needs.
  • FULL SERVICE - We provide full training on how to use VegMeetings, as well as provide professional services to help you maximize it, from creating online courses and webinars to developing and managing complete web summits.



Stream to up to 200 attendees.  Share the screen of your desktop or any application window on your computer.  Require webinar attendees to register in advance on a customizable registration page.


conference call

HD video and peer-to-peer WebRTC for the highest quality and lowest latency possible.  Share the screen of your desktop or any application window on your computer.  Text chat with the entire meeting or privately with other participants.



Crystal clear HD audio for web users, plus a conference call bridge for phone users.  Easily invite participants to a meeting via email using our built-in invitation system.